History of the College

Ruaidhrí RobertsRuaidhrí RobertsThe People's College was founded on 15th October 1948, with Ruaidhrí Roberts, then General Secretary of the ITUC, as the main initiator.

A decision of this body in addition to encouragement from the UK Workers' Education Association inspired this action. The original idea had been to set up a system similar to the WEA and other European workers' education organisation which would involve a network of branches throughout the country.

However, this development did not take place for a variety of social & historical issues of the time.

Nora RobertsNora RobertsIn any event, the College has flourished and has contributed both to the provision of adult & life long learning for workers as well as to the development of relevant policies at national & international level since its beginnings.

This is thanks to the support in the early years of Norah Roberts, Ruaidhrí's wife as well as Sheila Conroy. Sheila, who died in May of this year, took over the running of the College in 1970 and devoted her considerable energy and skills to ensuring its survival and then its success.

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