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Energy and Vitality in Movement - Changed to a Thursday Morning

People's College

Lecturer: Ben Somers, 3rd Dan Ninjutsu Instructor, Tai Chi Instructor, Ontology Instructor.

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Aches and pains? Stiff¬ joints? Bad circulation? Have your body work for you, not against you!
We will teach you a whole-body routine for releasing tension and increasing energy flow. Once learned, you can employ any combination of these exercises.
These exercises can be used for muscle toning and definition, or just to keep the body healthy, flexible and energised. Gentle, but powerful stretching exercises. Includes elements of Tai Chi, Qi Gung and various martial arts warm up exercises. Ideal for the older person but very beneficial for all ages.
“I’m feeling far better even after a few weeks.”
“This course really was gentle, effective and fun.”
“I feel stronger and more flexible”.

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Course added on: 08/07/2018
Details last updated on: 21/07/2021

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