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Positive Psychology - Advanced Course for Real Life Situations SPRING TERM

People's College

Tutor: Elaine Metcalfe, Bsc. Education & Training, MA Modern Irish History, Dip. Life Coach- ing, Certified Train-the-Trainer, DTM.

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This course is for those students who have already engaged with Positive Psychology - Beginners. It primarily examines in class, various Positive Psychology interventions for utilisation and testing at home. All the interventions have been empirically tested and proven to increase greater awareness and practice of Positive Living and Mindfulness. These interventions are examples of what can be achieved through the science of Positive Psychology, such as experiencing more Life Satisfaction, Gratitude and Increased Happiness /Reduced depression. Even better, they can be practiced and tested at home. The course is predominantly structured as teacher-guided, student-led discussions on Real Life Situations and experiences, based on having tried out the various interventions from the Positive Psychology classes, and applying that learning to those situations. The objectives of the Course include:
• Developing Self-awareness
• Increasing Gratitude
• Changing negative beliefs
• Emotional self-regulation
• Emotional resilience
To Reduce: Tension, stress, anger, and fatigue
To Enhance: • Relationships • Concentration and Focus • Personal achievement – academic, work, goals etc. • Happiness and fulfilment.
The aim of this Course is to facilitate the various discussions that will take place through the lens and experience of Positive Psychology and its proven Interventions. It is intended that what will occur is a deeper exploration, learning and understanding of how to best handle Real-Life Situations, investigating how we cope with them while simultaneously achieving the above-named objectives through the shared experiences of interventions and applications.

Course added on: 14/08/2016
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