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Mindfulness Practice for Beginners and Practitioners

People's College

A 24 week course in guided relaxation and mindfulness meditation for health and well-being.

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Tutor: Tony Walsh


Through guided relaxation and mindfulness practice we will introduce Shamatha, the practice of calmly abiding meditation.

In spacious relaxed awareness we will learn how to settle and ground in mindfulness of our bodies, breathing/sensations, mind and states of mind. From this natural good humour emerges an appreciation of being peace.

Lasting peace is not found in searching, true peace is natural to our deeper nature, inseparable from the life force our being.

We lose our conscious awareness of this temporarily through the ups and downs, stresses and strains etc., which are part of the busyness of life.

Mindfulness practice is simply a way of remembering - a way to bring us back home to our authentic being.

This is a wonderful opportunity to stabilize our mindfulness practice through guidance, discussion and home practice.

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NO NEED TO RE-REGISTER IN JANUARY - New comers are welcome to join for the Spring term.

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Course added on: 20/07/2015
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