Exciting times at the People's College

Posted on June 13, 2014

new student committee

Welcome to the People's College. 

Set up in 1948, to provide workers'  education, we continue to provide general adult education - languages, social & political studies, literature, art appreciation and cultural activities as well as personal development, basic education and communication skills - for trade unionists, their families and the general public.

The People’s College is part of the European Workers’ Education movement which emphasises education for democracy. This involves creating a space where workers can study, reflect on and react to their continually changing society as well as develop their intellectual, social and creative potential.

 An integral part of the system is the active participation of the students in the decision-making process and organisational structures of the College.

Courses available in Autumn 2014 include:

  • Creative Writing, 
  • Current Affairs & Politics,
  • Public Speaking & Effective Communication Skills;
  • Economics/Political Economy
  • Languages: English,  French, German, Irish, Italian and Spanish; 
  • Genealogy;
  • Guitar (classical) ;
  • Hill-walking;
  • History/Dublin Local;
  • Japanese Culture
  • Literature  Appreciation;
  • Mindfullness;
  • Music Appreciation;
  • Painting;
  • Photography,
  • Pilates;
  • Tin Whistle;
  • Wildlife,
  • Yoga.                                                                                                                                                                                                 


During the year we organise a variety of lectures & workshops on topics of social, economic, trade union & historic issues.  We then post the discussions and debates online for the wider public to be informed, engaged and entertained.

Information about these will be publicised in the College, on the Website and across our Social Media channels 



The Student Committee, elected every two years, organizes a range of activities for the students as well as helping out with organization of the college. Lectures, events and  tours will be organized during the year on topical historical & cultural issues. 


  • The People's College Choir & Debating Society also play a major role in the life of the College and our Drama Group, a recent innovation, has brought about the exciting development of a College Drama Group now moving into its second year.


The College is governed by its Central Council elected from affiliated unions and delegates from the Student Committee. Jim Dorney is its President.

Enrolments & Course Beginnings

  • Enrolments start from September 8th
  • Classes begin from October 6th
  • For further information contact the College on (01) 8735879 or

Email us at



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