Pogrom to Civil War

Posted on March 10, 2014

The following lecture was given by Kieran Glennon and it covered the six north --eastern counties of Ireland separated from the rest in 1920-22 as it became Northern Ireland.

An autonomous part of the United Kingdom. During this period some 700 people died violently in the north-east of Ireland, predominantly in Belfast. This lecture will look at if this period was 'a pogrom' against innocent Catholics, as nationalists claimed, or a civil war between rival communities. Did unionist politicians organise mass assaults on Catholic civilians? Did IRA violence provoke unionists into reprisals? Conversely did the IRA protect the Catholic community in Belfast and elsewhere?

Kieran Glennon is the author of 'From Pogrom to Civil War', the story of his grandfather Tom Glennon, a Belfast IRA Volunteer and of Belfast itself I the 1920-22 period


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